Welcome to my garden website!

My garden is situated in Ullevål Hageby (Ullevål garden city) in Oslo, Norway. This residential area was built from 1917–1926 and was inspired by the English Garden city movement presented by Ebenezer Howard in 1898. Ullevål hageby did not become a true garden city according to Howard's principles, but most of the dwellings in the multi-family houses have gardens.

From the time Ullevål hageby was completed, the gardens have reflected changing garden ideals. Today the gardens are mainly for recreational use, while in the first years after Ullevål hageby was constructed, the cultivation of fruit and vegetables was also important.

Ullevål hageby was built on the grounds of Store Ullevål gård, a large estate (by Norwegian standards) which was known for its gardens, both its baroque garden and later a garden inspired by the English landscape style. During the ownership of John Collett around 1800 this estate was known for its lavish parties held in the garden pavilions and on the garden grounds.

My family moved to Ullevål hageby in 1987 and the garden was then completely overgrown. So there was a lot of work to be done. The garden slopes, so we used the principle of "dig and fill" to make a sitting area. While we cleared the garden we discovered many old-fashioned perennials which we dug up and replanted. And slowly the lawn that once had been there reappeared.

Perennials and old-fashioned roses are the plants I am most fond of, but in addition to these there are many other plants in our garden. I grow no vegetables and there is only one old apple tree which bears little fruit.

The garden is constantly changing and is an on-going project. The flower beds become broader every year, and so the lawn shrinks. Many plants are moved around until the best place for them is found. Sadly, some plants do not survive from one season to another. However this means vacant spots for new acquisitions!